The F.I.C.B. Wine tasting and rating Challenge in Hungary postponed to May 2024

F.I.C.B. and the Ladies of Pannonia have discussed the evolution of the situation in Eastern Europe and the impact of the tragic developments in Ukraine.

The humanitarian and economic consequences in Hungary and in the surrounding region, currently and in the near future, are such that we came to the conclusion that it would be wise to postpone to 2024 the F.I.C.B. International Challenge,a year in which we did not yet have an F.I.C.B. event scheduled.

The dates chosen by the Ladies of Pannonia for this postponement are 23-28 May 2024, including the extension. The organisers will reimburse registrants for the registration fees already paid, less 100€ for administrative costs incurred to date. This 100€ will be deducted from the registration fee for the 2024 event for those who decide to participate at this new date.

The F.I.C.B. Executive committee has been consulted, considered this to be a very reasonable proposal and therefore accepted it. The organisers will inform directly those registered of this postponement, which, we hope all will understand is due to imperative circumstances beyond our control and we all regret.

Click here for the general rules of the F.I.C.B. Challenge

The wines submitted for the collective rating contest may be supplied by producers from the regions where there are F.I.C.B. members. To discover the modalities and the promotional advantages for the supplied wines and the winners, click here

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