Diploma of Honour

The F.I.C.B. Diploma of Honour is selectively awarded :

  • Either to persons having ceased their mandate as member of the Executive Committee of F.I.C.B. who have paid eminent services to the federation through their personal engagement. This engagement may have been materialized by their success in attracting new active members, their eminent contribution to the orientation and implementation of the activities and events of the federation and/or their personal international exposure;

  • Or to persons whose international reputation and achievements related the production, retail, promotion of wine or expertise in wine tasting are proven. They should also have demonstrated their support to the values of the wine brotherhoods and to F.I.C.B., for example by being personally involved in a wine brotherhood, by having been inducted in several or by having contributed significantly to the success of F.I.C.B. international events and renown.

We give below the recipients of this Honorary Diploma up to date as of November 1, 2020

Persons having held governance positions in F.I.C.B.


Claude JOSSE (France)

Grand Chancellor of the Conseil des Echansons de France

President of F.I.C.B. from 1984 to 2014

Monique JOSSE (France)

Enologist - Director of the Paris Wine Museum

Deputy-general secretary of F.I.C.B. until 2014

Claude RUFINI (Switzerland)

Vice-Governor of the Noble Confrérie des Olifants du Bas-lac de Neuchâtel (Suisse)

Permanent secretary of the Federation of Swiss gastronomic and wine brotherhoods

Secretary-general of F.I.C.B. until 2014

Jean-Emile PROVOST (France)

Vice-Sénéchal of the Ordre des Chevaliers Bretvins (France) since 1985

Vice-president of F.I.C.B. for the North of France from 2010 to 2014

Jean-Claude de BERNIS (France)

Grand Master of Ordre des Chevaliers de la Syrah et Roussette

Vice-president of F.I.C.B. until 2014

Karl RECER (Slovenia)

O.E.V.E. Slovenia

Vice-president of F.I.C.B. for Slovenia until 2014

Manuel DURAN (Spain)

Confraria del Cava San Sadurni (Espagne)

Vice-president of F.I.C.B. for Spain until 2014


Tomislav KOVACIC (Slovenia)

O.E.V.E. Slovenia

Vice-president of F.I.C.B. for Slovenia from 2015 to 2017


Paul COULON (France)

Former Grand Master of the Echansonnerie des Papes (Châteauneuf-du Pape)

Former Grand Master of the Echansonnerie des Papes (Châteauneuf-du Pape)

Michel Rossi (Switzerland)

Former Grand Master of the Echansonnerie des Papes (Châteauneuf-du Pape)

Vice-president of F.I.C.B. for Switzerland until 2020

Persons renowned internationally in the area of wine and sharing the values of the wine brotherhoods


Michel ROLLAND (France)

Enologist and producer


Gina GALLO (U.S.A.)

Wine maker for the top range wines of the Gallo Group

Jean-Charles BOISSET (France)

Producer in Burgundy and California


Allen SHOUP (U.S.A.)

Producer in North America, particularly in the State of Washington

David GUIMARAENS (Portugal)

Wine maker of Port wines


Jean-Robert PITTE (France)

Geographer and specialist of the "terroirs"



Producer of fine wines in Oregon and founder of the International Pinot Noir Celebration


Giacomo ODDERO (Italia)

Pharmacist, great producer of Barolo and promoter of the white truffle of Alba


Denis BURGER (U.S.A)

International medical authority and producer of fine wines in Oregon and New-Zealand

Harry PALLADA (Netherlands)

Harry PALLADA is an architest, specialised in historical monuments, reknown internationally. He wad president of the Dutch Association of the Friends of Wine for some ten years and has been inducted in numerous wine brotherhoods in Europe.


Dr. Julij NEMANIC (Slovenia)

Doctor in oenology from the University of Lubljana, has highly controibuted to the development and quality of the Slovenian vineyards and wines.


Renowned wine personality in California, has acquired international recognition, i.a. by founding and deloping Wine Travels International

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