50th anniversary of the Swiss Federation of Bachic and Gastronomic Brotherhoods (FSCBG)

Created on March 21, 1970 in Neuchâtel, the Swiss Federation of Bachic and Gastronomic Brotherhoods (FSCBG) celebrated its 50th anniversary on May 14 under the high patronage of Federal Councillor Guy Parmelin and Mrs. Laurence Cretegny, President of the Grand Council of the Canton of Vaud. More than 300 distinguished guests participated in this commemorative anniversary which took place on Saturday, May 14, 2022, in Yens-sur-Morges.

The festivities began with the ceremony of the handing over of the presidency of the FSCBG from Béat Hegi, Chancellor of the Noble Confraternity of the Knights of the Red Table, to Mrs. Françoise Vautier, President of the Council and the Association des Gourmettes.

Throughout the day, local products were highlighted and presented by those who transform them to feed us.

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During the day, our treasurer Alain HUET, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the FICB, representing our President ALAN BRYDEN, handed over with the three Swiss members of our Board of Directors the diploma of honor of the FICB to Michel ROSSI, Governor of the “Olifants du bas-lac in the Neuchâtel region”, and former Vice President of the FICB.
One will recognize from left to right above: Hubert Varrin, Patrick Berod, and Jacques Jeannerat, respectively Governor of the brotherhood of the Potes au Feu, Prosecutor of the brotherhood of the Order of La Channe, Grand Master of the Academy of the Cep; then Alain Huet, Treasurer of the FICB, and Michel Rossi.
After having specified his personal pride to give him this diploma of honor, Alain recalled the rich course of Michel ROSSI within the Olifants du bas-lac in the country of Neuchâtel of which he is the Governor. His strong involvement within the FICB was also mentioned. Indeed, Michel ROSSI has been for many years the Vice-President for Switzerland of the FICB, ensuring a good representation of our federation and a strong promotion with the Swiss bachic brotherhoods.
Michel ROSSI has also shared his support for wine traditions at the national and international level, as demonstrated by his commitment to the promotion of the vineyards and wines of the Neuchâtel coast.

In his message of thanks, Michel ROSSI recalled how much he had appreciated his relationship with the two successive Presidents of the FICB, with Claude JOSSE for many years and with Alan Bryden since 2015.

The audience warmly applauded Michel ROSSI at the end of the awarding of this diploma, thus showing its joy to see this honor reserved to an eminent member of our beautiful confraternity family.

Alain Huet also thanked and congratulated Mrs. Laurence Cretegny for “her brilliant speech, her strong commitment and her will to succeed for others”. She was also awarded the honorary medal of the International Federation of Bachic Confraternities by Alain Huet.

Above: Robert Porchet, Grand Master of the Order of the Knights of Good Bread; Laurence Crétegny, and Jean-Marie Vallade, Grand Provost of the Confrérie des Potes-au-Feu, officiating as master of ceremonies

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