Wine tasting in all countries is an occasion for conviviality. It often starts with an expression which, in each language, introduces this festive moment. We give here under a few translations of “to your health!” in various languages.

  • CN Kam pei !
  • KR Gan bay !
  • DK Skal!
  • ES Salud!
  • DE Zum voll!
  • FI Kippis !
  • IT Salute! Cincin !
  • JP Kan pai !
  • GR Stin iya sou !
  • IE Slainte!
  • NL Santé!
  • PL Na zdrowie!
  • PT Saude!
  • TR SagliginizaRO Noroc!
  • UK Good health!
  • USA Cheers!
  • RU Za zdarovie!
  • SK Na zdravie!

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