Chapter of the Ordre de la dive bouteille de Gaillac

The brotherhood “Ordre de la Dive Bouteille de Gaillac”, a member of our Federation, is devoted to “spread the word throughout France and the world about the richness and diversity of Gaillac wines”, with its emblematic grape varieties such as « loin de l’oeil » and mauzac for the whites,

braucol (or fer servadou) and prunelart for the reds.

The desire of its members is to follow the good precepts of the Grand Master François Rabelais, whose spirit remains alive:

Eat well, drink well and above all drink good.

On the occasion of its 70th anniversary, the brotherhood held its 43rd chapter in early August during the traditional Gaillac wine festival where the products of dozens of estates could be tasted.

le Grand Chancelier, Henri Plageoles, ouvrant le chapitre

24 oeno-gastronomic brotherhoods were present. Several personalities were inducted, such as the new prefect of the Tarn, François-Xavier Lauch, and the priest of Gaillac, Pierre-André Vigouroux,

as well as two members of the Conseil des Echansons de France (Daniel Fréry, the new curator of the Musée du Vin de Paris, and our general secretary, Marc Lesk) and other friendly brotherhoods.

The lunch that followed, washed down with local wines, was an opportunity for a frank conviviality, and ended in songs !

Many thanks to our friends from Gaillac for this beautiful celebration. Long live the Gaillac vineyards !

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