The Académie du Cep (Switzerland) celebrates the harvest at Russin

The 56th Harvest Festival of Russin coincided with the 65th anniversary of the Académie du Cep of Geneva.

The events started on the Saturday 15 September morning with the Chapter of the Académie du Cep and the enthronization of new members. Under the leadership of the Grand Master, Jacques Jeannerat, the Académie du Cep has reached today some 400 members. They are ambassadors of the wines of the Canton of Geneva, produced over 1400 hectares, with some 30 grape varietals and 135 “crus”.

The Académie du Cep delivers grades to its members who have passed successfully blind wine tasting tests. The first grade is given for the recognition of 3 different “crus” from the region. The highest grade corresponds to the recognition 10 times successively of 5 different “crus”, an exceptional achievement !

The enthronization ceremony is followed by a banquet, prepared this year by the famous Chef Philippe Chevrier, a longstanding partner of the Fête du Russin. Each wine served was presented by its producer.

The Académie du Cep thus officially opens the Harvest Festival of Russin which starts in the afternoon, and takes part in the procession on the Sunday morning. Both events are an opportunity to associate key personalities. This year, among the guests of honor, in addition to the Conseil d’Etat Genevois (the government of the Canton), were present: Frédéric Borloz president of the Mondial du Chasselas, the conseiller aux Etats and president of the Interprofession de la vigne et du vignoble (IVVG) of Geneva Robert Cramer, the president of the Diplomatic Club Raymond Loretan , godfather of the Millésime, Clemens Adams administrative director of the United Nations Geneva office, Frédéric Hohl CEO of the Fête des Vignerons de Vevey 2019. Alain Huet, Treasurer, represented F.I.C.B. and was also enthronized.

site of the Académie du Cep :

site of the Fête des vendanges de Russin :

portal of the “terroir genevois”:

From left to right: Éliane Michaud Ansermet (general secretary of the Académie), Jacques Jeannerat (Grand Master), Alain Huet (Treasurer FICB and Conseil des Echansons de France), Céline van Till (Knight of the Académie), Marraine of the Fête des vendanges, Christian Tièche (Knight of the Académie), president of the Fête des vendanges, and Francis Mottaz, Honorary Grand Master.
The various medals presented at the enthronization ceremony
Alain Huet during the enthronization ceremony
Opening of the procession of the Fête des vendanges

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