The Chevaliers Bretvins celebrate Saint Vincent

Saint Vincent is the patron of wine growers and makers. He is particularly honored on 22 January, a time when the vine is resting. Many of our wine brotherhoods hold Chapters on this occasion. This is the case of the Chevaliers Bretvins in the region of Nantes (France), who celebrated the Saint this year at Saint Julien de Concelles, where they were returning after 53 years. Many Chevaliers Bretvins and Dames of Duchess Anne (name of the ladies in this brotherhood) were heartily welcomed on Saturday 21 January and Sunday 22 January.

During the Chapter held at the Chon Wine Estate at Jousselinière on the 21st, a number of V.I.P.s were inducted , among whom the Préfet des Pays de la Loire and the Mayor of the village.. As is customary, good humor reigned during the Chapter.

On Sunday 22, the Saint Julien church hosted a substantial “bretvine” delegation and many parishioners to honour Saint Vincent. The celebration was presided over by Father Franck Haudebourg, the chaplain of the Brotherhood.

Following the celebration and before the banquet, all joined together in the Quintaine Hall to share a selection of the best Muscadet wines offered by the local producers.

Website of the Chevaliers Bretvins :

Wine appellation “Muscadet” :

Chon Wine Estate at la Jousselinière :

Group photo after the service at Saint Julien Church
The Préfet des Pays de Loire and the Grand Master after the induction
The Chon Wine Estate at la Jousselinière

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