The F.I.C.B. General Assembly approves new developments for 2017

F.I.C.B. General Assembly 2016


The 2016 F.I.C.B. General Assembly was held on 30 January. The day before, meetings of the Executive Committee and Board of Administration took place. For the first time, the meetings were held in the functional premises of the Maison des Associations of Paris 16 made available free of charge, right next to the Paris Wine Museum.

Among the issues addressed and the decisions taken, the following may be highlighted :

  • The progress in membership: 2 come backs and 4 new member brotherhoods
  • The approval of a model stole which will be allocated to the members of the Executive Committee
  • The approval of new recipients for the F.I.C.B. Honorary Diploma
  • The launch of the development of a “practical guide for the creation and development of a wine brotherhood”
  • The ongoing development of the website of the federation ( with enrichment of the thematic sections and the upcoming inclusion of a 5 language lexicon on usual terms used for the production and the tasting of wine
  • The renewal by third of the composition of the executive Committee and Board of Administration
  • The approval of a budget for 2016 which, while maintaining the annual membership fee at 150€, will nevertheless enable new developments, thanks to a rigorous management, the work of our volunteers and the income generated by our biennial congresses
  • The announced success of our 2016 International F.I.C.B. Congress in California next June and the agreement in principle given to holding the 2018 Congress in Macedonia, organized by our member O.E.V.E. Makedonia
  • The agreement in principle given to develop a partnership with the network “Wine in moderation-Art de vivre”, the detail of which is to be approved by our Executive Committee

The date for the next General Assembly to be held in Paris on Saturday 28 January 2017, preceded by the meetings on Friday 27 January of the Executive Committee and Board of Administration

A friendly lunch at the Musée du Vin de Paris followed the GA meeting.

To access the related document, please click on the following links:

The members of the Board present at the GA 2016
VP (USA) Pat PINGITORE presenting the FICB Congress 2016
OEVE Makedonia presenting proposed Congress 2018 in Macedonia
A view of the audience at GA2016 with SG L. GUILLON in first line
A view of the lunch after the GA at the Musée du Vin de Paris
The “surprise” cake announcing the 2016 Congress in California!

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