The Paris Wine Museum celebrates its 30th Anniversary

On the occasion of its Saint Vincent Chapter, on 25 January, the Conseil des Echansons de France celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Paris Wine Museum, which hosts its seat.

This Museum, appreciated each year by some 40000 visitors, has become a must for the connoisseurs and experts in wine touring Paris from all over the world. With more than 2000 artefacts, some of them very rare, presented in the superb cellars of the Abbaye des Minimes de Passy, it is one of the most exhaustive museums in the world on wine growing and making, as well as on its reasoned and convivial tasting (see ).

Several inductions in the Conseil des Echansons de France took place on the occasion of this anniversary evening, including the promotion as Grand Officer of M. Henry DEFFOREY, well known in the wine retailing business, in particular for the development and quality of the Château Carcanieux, a Cru Bourgeois of Medoc (see ). The choral society of the Echansons, the “Souffle de Bacchus”, provided a much appreciated musical entertainment.

At the closure of the banquet on the theme of “le Rhône Gourmand”, Claude JOSSE, Grand Chancelier of the Conseil des Echansons de France, cut the beautiful birthday cake made by the restaurant of the museum, decorated with a bottle made in chocolate with the label of the Château Labastidié, a Gaillac estate collectively owned by the Echansons de France (see ), in the presence of Alan BRYDEN President of the International Federation of Wine brotherhoods (F.I.C.B.).

The choral society of the Echansons: the “Souffle de Bacchus”
The newly inducted “Compaignons” of the Echansons de France
Claude JOSSE, Grand Chancellor of the Conseil des Echansons de France
Alan BRYDEN, President of F.I.C.B.

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