The Ordo Equestris Vini Europae celebrates its 30 years Jubilee

The Ordo Equestris Vini Europae (O.E.V.E.) celebrated its 30 years Jubilee in Eisenstadt (Austria) on 25 October 2014. This knightly order, founded in 1984, represents in fact the third historical period of evolution of a more ancient order. The first period was the Order of St. George (St. Georgs- und Templeisen-Orden) founded in 1333 by the Duke Otto of Habsburg. In 1468, Emperor Friedrich III. initiated the second period of the order, the Knightly Order of St. George (St. Georgs-Ritterorden).

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Today, the O.E.V.E. relies on the traditions of wine to promote friendship and peace in Europe. It has developed a network of consulates in around 30 countries of Eastern and Central Europe, of which several are active members of F.I.C.B.

The festivities of the 30th Jubilee gathered more than 1000 participants and comprised a great march for Peace in Europe and a magnificent induction ceremony at the main church of the town. The event was attended by numerous personalities from the political and cultural spheres of Austria and other countries.

F.I.C.B. associated to the event through a special message from its President and a customized commemorative medal minted by the Monnaie de Paris, both presented to the Magister Generalis of O.E.V.E., Alfred Rákóczi Tombor Tintera, by Dr. Karl Recer, Vice-president of F.I.C.B. for Slovenia, Serbia, Croatia and Macedonia (see attached document).

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