A wine giant with extensive and qualitative production. The sunny vineyards, mostly in altitude, present a rich array of varieties. Reds to be kept, sparkling white wines fortified wines contribute to the fame of the Spanish wine production.

Surface : 1 Mha

Production : 34,3 Mhl

Consomption : 10 Mhl


  • Soils : poor, stony, diversified such as the white limestone of Andalusia or the glacis of debris of quartzite and slate of the Rioja vineyards,

  • Climate : mediterranean with oceanic influence in the North-East, continental in the the center, semi arid in the South-East, as well as montainous in the Sierras,

  • Main red grape varieties : tempranillo, garnacha (grenache), monastrell (mourvèdre), bobal, cariñena (carignan)

  • Main white varieties : airén, vuira (or macabeu), paralleda, xarel.lo (the last three used for the Cava, as well as chardonnay), albariño, pedro xime

Main wine regions

Andalusia (DO Xérès), Aragon, Catalonia (DO Cava, sparkling wines; DO Priorat, DOCa Priorat), Castile and León (DO Ribera del Duero, wines to be kept) , Galicia, Navarra and Rioja (DO Navarra, DOca Rioja, wines to be kept)



  • The « vinos de la Tierra » (Vdlt) correspond to « vins de pays »
  • The Denominación de origén » (DO), including DOCa ou DOQ in Catalan, have stricter requirements.
  • The « vinos de pago » (DO pago), is a recent designation for prestigious wines


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