In spite of its limited vineyards, Slovenia is notable for the diversity of its production with 3 wine regions and 14 terroirs. Quality wine growing boasts both original and international grape varieties. Slovenia is one of the oldest European winegrowing area.

Surface: 22 300 ha

Production: 0,9 Mhl


  • soils: variegated, rich in minerals, karstic, sand, clay, volcanic…
  • climate: continental and Mediterranean, with many microclimates due to random temperature and rainfall changes on account of the Alps at the East and the Adriatic coast at the South
  • main grape varieties : reds: refosk, sametovka and merlot, and whites : laski rizling, rebula and chardonnay.

Main wine regions

East, at the foot of the Alps and next to the Pannonia plain: the two regions of the Drava and of the Slava, and the Slovenian coast influenced by the Adriatic sea.


  • Namizno vino : table wine
  • Dezelno vino : local wine
  • Kakovotsno vino : quality wine
  • Vrhunsko : Premium wine


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