Initiated at the turn of the XIXth century, NZ vineyards have been developed at the current scale since the 1970s. Their “wines of fesh climate” have gained world fame.

Surface: 37 000 ha

Production: 2,35 Mhl

Consumption: 0,4 Mhl


  • soils: vineyards are usually cultivated on former river beds with a great proportion of cobbles. Clayey is found on the island of Waihekeles and powdered silt in Central Orago.
  • climate: mostly temperate, oceanic, with temperatures ranging from 0°C to 30°C. Very humid climate in the South Island, semi arid in the Mackenzie basin and subtropical up in the Norh Island
  • main grape varieties: Sauvignon Blanc is the dominant variety as it represents some 50% of surface and 66% of the production of grapes. Chardonnay is the second for white grapes. For red grapes, Pinot noir is dominant followed by Merlot.

Main wine regions

  • Marlborough: at the North of South Island (58% of the total planted area), dry and sunny climate with moderate temperatures, renown for its high quality Sauvignon blancs (Clos Henry, Cloudy Bay)
  • Hawkes Bay : on the eastern coast of North Island, its sun exposure enables to grow later ripening red varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Merlot, or Cabernet Franc. (Te Awa Farm)
  • Gisborne : located on the eastern coast of North island , just above Hawkes Bay, it is recognized for its chardonnays which represent half of planted surfaces

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