On July 6, 2012, a regional delegation of O.E.V.E. was created in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. The full Consulate of the Ordo Equestris Vini Europae for Moldova was then founded in 2017. It is composed of 1 regional organisation and 4 local organisations with a total of 100 active members.
We are a cultural organisation whose mission is to promote both the national cultural values in general, and in particular the wine – as a cultural good, part of our national identity. Our activities are based on voluntary work and the reward of our efforts is the sense of accomplishment that we get by fulfilling our duty, that is to pass on to future generations the spirit of preserving and perpetuating the multimillenary art of wine-growing and winemaking. In our organisation we make new friends and we try together to enrich our spiritual life following the main chivalrous principle : “only after you have defeated envy and you start helping others you become a truly noble man”.

The grades in our Brotherhood:

  • 1.Hospes
  • 2.Consiliarius de Vino
  • 3.Judex de Vino
  • 4.Eques de Vino


No. 110 Grenoble Street, Code postal 2019


Republic of Moldova

Tel./Fax.: + 373 22 280480

+ 373 69111154

+ 373 69279214

Contact: consulat@oeve.md

First Proconsul, Eques OEVE: Alexandru Sapojnic asapojnic@yahoo.com

Second Proconsul, Eques OEVE: Valentin Marchitan

Treasurer, Hospita OEVE: Ludmila Cichir

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