The ceremony and the meal that followed were enchanted by the Choir of the Gais Chanteurs de l’Ordre de la Channe, whose repertoire celebrates the vine and wine, with the humour of the Valais winegrowers. For the aperitif and during the meal, prepared by the top-class brigade of the See Park Hôtel, a selection from the wide range of Valais wines was appreciated: Dôle Blanche at the reception, then for the meal, Fendant, of course, but also Petite Arvine, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Blanche Marsanne, with a Williamine du Valais on the finish. A Riesling-Sylvaner from the host canton was served as an aperitif.

The Ordre de la Channe was created in 1957 and now has more than 800 members. It maintains the wine-growing traditions of the Canton of Valais (Switzerland), whose wines it promotes. With its more than 5000 hectares, the Valais vineyard represents about a third of the Swiss vineyard. Some 56 grape varieties are grown here, allowing a very wide array of excellent wines, favoured by its sunny climate and its hillsides clinging to the beautiful mountains of Valais. Most of the great international grape varieties thrive here, while very local varieties, such as Humagne rouge or Petite Arvine, offer beautiful discoveries.

As every year, this Autumn Chapter was held in another Swiss canton to promote Valais wines: this year, the canton of Berne and the charming city of Thun were chosen, with its magnificent old town on an islet surrounded by the Aare, on the edge of a splendid lake surrounded by already snow-covered mountains. The induction ceremony and associated festivities were masterfully conducted by the Procureur (= Grand Master) Patrick BEROD, assisted by his 18 Officers and by Heinz LIENER, the Vidôme (= Ambassador) of the Order for the Canton of Berne. About ten inductions were performed, including those of Ms. Marianne STREIFF-FELLER, National Councilor (= Member of the Swiss Parliament), Mr. Peter SIEGENTHALER, Vice-Mayor of Thun, and Mr. Alan BRYDEN, President of the F.I.C.B., who brought the friendly greetings of our member brotherhoods and awarded the medal of our Federation to Heinz LIENER.

La cérémonie et le repas qui a suivi ont été enchantés par le Chœur des Gais chanteurs de l’Ordre de la Channe dont le répertoire célèbre la vigne et le vin, avec l’humour des vignerons valaisans. A l’apéritif et durant le repas, préparé par la brigade de grande classe du Seepark Hôtel, une sélection de la large gamme des vins valaisans a été appréciée : Dôle Blanche à l’accueil, puis pour le repas, Fendant, bien sûr mais aussi Petite Arvine, Syrah, Pinot Noir, Marsanne Blanche, avec en finale une Williamine du Valais. Un Riesling-Sylvaner du canton hôte avait été servi à l’apéritif.

A beautiful day, which honours the great family of the wine brotherhoods !

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The trumpets announce the induction ceremony
The Procureur Patrick Berod opens the ceremony
The Procureur Patrick Berod opens the ceremony
The induction of Chevaliers using the ceremonial vine stock
The newly inducted “Chevaliers d’Honneur”
The choral “Les Gais Chanteurs de la Channe”
The newly inducted Chevaliers
The President of FICB and the Vidôme for Berne and the lake of Thun

crédits photo Alain BARRIERE

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