Macau and Hong Kong Wine Societies: joint annual dinner

Our member wine brotherhoods from Macau and Hong Kong held a joint annual dinner on 27 February 2018 at Belavista, the residence of the Consul of Portugal in Macau, a superb building at the heart of the historical center of Macau, on the list of UNESCO World Heritage.

Before the dinner, an induction ceremony and a blind tasting of wines took place, which demonstrated the vitality of these two Asian wine brotherhoods which we hope to see take part in our upcoming F.I.C.B. international events.

Links to the individual pages:

The Hong King Wine Society

The Wine Society of Macau

The MWS Council and Induction Ceremony

Blind tasting : on the right Robert Muksch, President of the HKWS and his wife

On the left : Felipe Santos, President of the MWS and his Council with the Consul of Portugal and

on the right Belavista, residence of the Consul in Macau

Wine commentary and dinner views

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