Slovakia is home to almost 400 active winemakers producing varietal or assembled quality wines with protected geographic indication and attribute wines with protected indication of origin from the 19 634 hectares of vineyards in 390 municipalities in 5 main wine regions. The Slovak winemakers may be vine-growers themselves, or supply from the growers in  neighbouring regions or both. There are many places in Slovakia where you can get close to the wine as one can imagine. 
 Nitrianska – Nitra wine region can be considered as the most miscellaneous with the highest number of each other distinct – but locally specific vineyards  with a number of diverse grape varieties planted on 3 884 hectares.
 Stredoslovenská – Central Slovakian  wine region comprises 2 320 hectares of mainly less than 1 hectare single vineyards located in the warm area between Hont and Gemer. Wines are distinguished by higher and more persistent aromatic quality  which is considered as one of the main characteristics of the region.
 Malokarpatská – Lesser Carpathian wine region is located in the southwestern part of Slovakia, where the vines have been grown for more than three thousand years. Vineyards are planted on the slopes and plains of the Lesser Carpathian mountain range and in the locality of Záhorie on a surface of 5 588 hectares.
 Východoslovenská – Eastern Slovakian wine region has 1 733 hectares of vineyards planted on the slopes of the volcanic Vihorlat mountain range  and on the undulated edge of the East Slovakian lowland in the southern parts. 
 Južnoslovenská – Southern Slovakian wine region is located North of the Danube river. It is the warmest part of Slovakia and 4 903 hectares of registered vineyards are planted on loess uplands, sporadically on fat, silty clay soils with good water holding, which are suitable for growing black grape varietals. 
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